Mimi watched “Avatar” 4 times but confused everyone with her unexpected quiz answer about the movie

Oh My Girl’s Mimi made everyone burst into laughter with an unexpected wrong answer.

On tvN’s variety show “Earth Arcade 2” aired on May 19th, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yu Jin formed a team to play the famous line quiz.

When Mimi saw a photo of Lee Jung Jae from the historial movie “The Face Reader”, she shouted a famous line from the movie “Assassination.” The production team was bewildered, saying, “This is clearly the Joseon Era.”

Oh My Girl's Mimi-Lee Young Ji

As Mimi continued to give wrong answers, the production team prepared a question about a famous line from the movie “Avatar” for Mimi, as she claimed to have watched “Avatar” multiple times. 

Seeing the question, Mimi confidently said, “I really know this.” However, Mimi immediately gave a strange answer, saying, “Toruk Makto,” which completely confused everyone. 

Oh My Girl's Mimi-Lee Young Ji

The correct answer was “I see you,” and the production team and members laughed, saying, “She claimed to have watched it four times,” “She said the words of that country, that planet,” “I thought she was speaking the language of the Na’vi tribe.”

Amidst the laughter and reactions from the production team and members, Mimi expressed her puzzlement, asking, “Why are you all laughing?” 

Mimi felt unfair so she explained her answer in detail, that she was referring to the title given to characters who tamed Toruk, a creature, in “Avatar.” 

Source: Wikitree. 

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