Son Dam Bi reflects on 4 years ago, where there’s no rumor of fallout with Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won, “Time flies”

Actress Son Dam Bi regained composure by looking back on herself 4 years ago. 

On October 24th, famous actress Son Dam Bi posted several Instagram stories of herself along with the caption, “Four years ago. Let’s cheer up and run.”

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In the stories, Son Dam Bi looked back at herself 4 years ago. At the time, the actress still boasted an unchanging beauty, and was filming for the hit K-drama “When the Camellia Blooms” alongside her known best friend, Gong Hyo Jin.

Son Dam-bi

In addition, 4 years ago was when Son Dam Bi still proudly boasts her friendship with best friends such as Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Ryeo Won, and Soy Kim. However, now, she’s caught up in “falling out” rumors with the aforementioned friend group, as none of them attended her wedding, and she was also absent from Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding this October. 

Son Dam-bi

On the other hand, Son Dam Bi is married to former speed skater Lee Kyu Hyuk, and has been glowing with visuals after marriage. After her wedding, the actress has appeared in 

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi is married to former speed skater Lee Kyu-hyuk. After she got married, she appeared as a host in the TV show “Scance, not Hocance”, and as a cast member for “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”.

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