SNSD Yoona with new products from a new movie, a new drama to SNSD’s comeback, the heyday of her career comes after 15 years of debut

Lim Yoona as both SNSD Yoona and actress Lim Yoona is having a very busy but glorious year with the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and her individual works.

On August 5, Yoona and SNSD members released their 7th studio album “Forever 1” on the occasion of the group’s 15th debut anniversary. The 9 members worked very hard by not only appearing once again at music weekend music stages after 5 years but also holding ‘SM Town Live’ concert and a fanmeeting. After a month of release, “Forever 1” is currently 8th in Melon Top 100 and 7th in Melon’s daily chart as of September 16.

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At the same time, Yoona is also the female lead of the MBC drama ‘Big Mouth’ broadcast in July last year. The series received many positive reviews from the audience. Taking on the role of Go Miho, a veteran nurse who struggles against the powers, she not only naturally portrays a woman with a strong and determined appearance but also attracts attention with her excellent acting skill.

Yoona visited a real martial arts training school and practiced for a long time for a fight scene that appeared at the beginning of ‘Big Mouth‘. Even though it was just a scene that appeared at the beginning of the series, Yoona had to put in a lot of effort to hold a heavy stick and practice continuously even when her hand was blistered to get the most natural acting.

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‘Big Mouth’, containing Yoona’s efforts, is gaining a lot of popularity, starting with a rating of 6.2% in the first episode (Nielsen Korea’s national standard) and recording its own highest rating of 12% in episode 12. ‘Big Mouse’ is scheduled to end with episode 16 on September 17th.

This year is also a successful year for Yoona in the film industry when the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” in which she co-starred with Hyun Bin is achieving many admirable achievements.

Returning as the female lead of ‘Confidential Assignment 1’, Yoona plays Park Min-young in ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ once again, fully showing her lovely charm and intelligence. In particular, the love triangle between her, Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin) and Jack (Daniel Henney) not only created more laughter but also added suspense at the end of the film. In addition, in ‘Confidential Assignment 2‘, the actress showed a very diverse acting ability with many excellent action scenes.

Confidential Assignment 2

SM Entertainment, her agency, told News 1, “Yoona has always been passionate about everything” and said, “She rehearsed so many times for a scene from ‘Big Mouth’, and in ‘Confidential Assignment 2’, she watched several YouTubers to maintain the role of a beautiful YouTuber. She studied every little detail very carefully.“Actually, it’s not easy when I’m active with 3 roles at the same time with a comeback, a drama, and a movie but I will try to work even harder,” Yoona emphasized.

With her talent and hard work, Yoona has now reached the peak of her career 15 years after her debut.

Source: Naver

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