“Twenty-five Twenty-one” Nam Joo-hyuk becomes a correspondent in New York and gradually grows apart from Kim Tae-ri

Nam Joo-hyuk went to New York as the correspondent for the September attacks then became estranged from Kim Tae-ri.

In the 15th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, which aired on April 2nd, Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) began to be estranged from each other.

In 2001, Baek Yi-jin became a newsroom reporter and spent time with Na Hee-do. Ji Seung-wan entered the university she chose and became the class representative in her department. Moon Ji-woong became a big name by posting photos on SNS. Na Hee-do sent all the news of their friends to Ko Yu-rim (Bona), who changed her nationality to Russian, but Ko Yu-rim did not read or reply to the mail.

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The reason why “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Bona often wears waist-accentuated clothes

Newsroom reporter Baek Yi-jin, who felt bad after witnessing tragedies and accidents, confessed to Na Hee-do, “Life is so precious. Let’s love with no regrets while we’re alive”. Na Hee-do cheered him up, saying, “Do you remember what you said long ago? That I always lead you to good places. You lead this world that we live in to a much better place. So, don’t hurt too much. Hang in there”.

Meanwhile, the interview in which Ko Yu-rim said, “Na Hee-do can’t be my opponent, I feel uncomfortable being compared to her”, appeared in articles. Na Hee-do said, “You know that reporters twist your words around”, others encouraged the two to be more competitive. Na Hee-do felt pressured as people told her, “If you lose to Ko Yu-rim, you’ll be a traitor”. Meanwhile, Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim faced each other in the final of the 2011 Madrid match.

The reason why “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Bona often wears waist-accentuated clothes

Ko Yu-rim visited Na Hee-do before the match, but Na Hee-do did not meet her. Along with this, the interview in which Ko Yu-rim talked about Na Hee-do “We are close, so sometimes it is unpleasant to create a competition. Na Hee-do is a great player. However, players must believe that they are the best” was revealed.

Na Hee-do won by one point, and Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim hugged each other in tears after the match. Moon Ji-woong and Ji Seung-wan, who were watching the match, also shed tears. Shin Jae-kyung (Seo Jae-hee) planned to have dinner with Baek Yi-jin as soon as her daughter Na Hee-do returned to Korea, but Baek Yi-jin was absent as something came up. Shin Jae-kyung said, “I heard that not being able to go to your father’s funeral hurt you all your life. A mother like that is not okay, and that kind of boyfriend is okay?”

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Only a few days later did Baek Yi-jin finally meet Na Hee-do and propose a 600-day commemorative trip. The two were excited to buy a couple carrier, but when the September 11th terrorist attack broke out in the United States, Baek Yi-jin suddenly left for New York as a correspondent. Na Hee-do alone read the card that Baek Yi-jin ordered at the travel destination. Baek Yi-jin wrote, “600 days are short compared to the days we will be together. Thank you, sorry and I love you.”

The reason why “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Bona often wears waist-accentuated clothes
The reason why “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Bona often wears waist-accentuated clothes

Na Hee-do re-entered the athletes’ village, and Baek Yi-jin was unable to return home for months due to the September 11st terrorist attack and the war. Na Hee-do checked the news every day to confirm Baek Yi-jin’s safety. Baek Yi-jin suffered from nightmares and could only fall asleep after taking a tranquilizer. Baek Yi-jin promised to return before the new year, but he continued to remain a New York correspondent, and Na Hee-do alone celebrated 2002.

The reason why “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Bona often wears waist-accentuated clothes
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