SNSD Taeyeon, “The secret to a long group run? Beware of temptations”

Taeyeon, a member of SNSD, reveals personal anecdotes and advice for younger idols

On October 20th, Taeyeon, a member of SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation), appeared in a video titled “Younger idols like this video. ‘The Art of Girl Groups’ defined by Taeyeon”, which was published on the official Channel of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. Here, Taeyeon, who has been a Kpop idol for 15 years, talked about her experience.

When asked about the three essential conditions for becoming a K-pop idol, Taeyeon selected “positive thinking”, “multi-talented”, and “trendiness”. She then urged young idols to beware of “temptations” if they want their group to run long.

Then, Taeyeon was asked how she makes up with fellow SNSD members when something upsetting happens, to which Taeyeon laughed and said, “Ask for a conversation”. 

taeyeon snsd bazaar

She then listed 3 advantages of living in a dorm, which includes “fun”, “never boring”, and “better teamwork”. Then, for the 3 disadvantages, Taeyeon mentioned the small size of the room, “infinite consideration”, and that she has to writer down her name on her belongings. 

Then, Taeyeon also shared her thoughts, aespa members all share their food. If you’re alike, you can share. Nevertheless, for me, I recommend using personal things personally.”

taeyeon snsd bazaar

Taeyeon, who wrote handwritten letters to impress her members, also said, “You may think handwritten letters are no big deal, but think about the number of people. It’s never easy.”

Taeyeon also answered questions about rehearsals and fancams. She shared, “Rehearsal is rehearsal so we take it easy checking the route. But since they record it now, I can’t do it just easily”, adding “I rehearse like it’s an actual performance. Everything like an actual performance. There’s always a camera. Think that they’re filming from everywhere”, giving good advice to juniors.

taeyeon snsd bazaar

Taeyeon then looked at her profile and said, “My body profile is exact. I’m 160cm. My profile in the past was a bit exaggerated. I wanted to fix it”.

She continued, “My blood type’s changed. I’m A type. It hasn’t been that long since I found out”. Earlier, Taeyeon confessed that she thought her blood type was O, but only found out that she was A after 27 years.

taeyeon snsd bazaar

Revealing the important things about working as a solo artist and a member of a group at the same time, Taeyeon said, “Stamina and memory. I take lots of supplements. I recommend vitamin B. There are many kinds, if one is lacking, it doesn’t convey well”.

She laughed and shared, “I should’ve listened to my mom back then. Now that I’m an adult. I feel that I gotta listen to adults”, adding “To people who are watching this, when I say something, just listen to it.”

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