Kris Wu, who was arrested on suspicion of rape, has been officially kicked out of the entertainment industry

Kris Wu, who is accused of sexual assault, will not be able to perform celebrity activities as well as private Internet broadcasts in China.

The People’s Daily reported on the 23rd that the Internet branch of the China Performing Arts Association had put a total of 88 people on the list of warnings related to Internet broadcasting, including three famous celebrities such as Kris Wu, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Zhehan

Kris Wu kicked out of the entertainment industry

Anyone included in that list will not be able to get an account on the streaming platform.  Thus, Kris Wu was kicked out of the internet broadcasting industry. The reason they were banned from Internet broadcasts is that they caused controversy in China over allegations of sexual assault (Kris Wu), high tax evasion (Zheng Shuang), and a visit to the Yasukuni shrine in Japan (Zhang Zhehan).

Previously, in July, Kris Wu was accused of sexual assault due to a revealing article posted on social networks.  The author said the male singer asked several women to meet under the pretext of an audition or a fan meeting then had sex with them while they were drunk.  Notably, it is known that there were minors among those women.

Kris Wu kicked out of the entertainment industry

At the time, Kris Wu claimed to have “never sexually assaulted a minor” on his Weibo, but it was reported that the Beijing Public Security Bureau, China, arrested him for rape.

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