Kris Wu continues to be entangled in a rape controversy

Former EXO member Chris Wu has been embroiled in a minor rape controversy.

Local media such as Wangi Entertainment reported that the victim being a minor was raped by Kris Wu.

Accordingly, Kris Wu took the casting as an excuse to approach the minor. “I asked her for a late night interview or mini fan meeting.” – he explained. 

In addition, it is reported that he was introduced to another woman through a woman who had met in the same circumstance. In return, he delivered cash or luxury goods.

The victim said, “Kris Wu’s manager threatened me that he could make my career over if I couldn’t make Chris Wu satisfied,” adding, “When I woke up from drinking, I was lying on Woo Yi-pan’s bed.” “I didn’t even have birth control.”

As this news became known in Korea, there were reactions such as “What is the truth?” “If it is true, it should be severely punished”, “Treat it according to Chinese law” and “Do you have any humanity?”

Source: Dispatch

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