Hanteo Chart finally issued an apology regarding EXO’s album sales

Hanteo’s apology did not make EXO fans satisfied because more than a year had passed, and it does not mean anything now.

After more than a year, Hanteo finally officially apologized to EXO fans for manipulating the album sales in August 2017. In particular, nearly 200,000 copies of EXO’s album “The War” from China was not included in the group’s album sales due to suspected digital music fraud.

200,000 copies of EXO’s album “The War” have been suspected.

According to Hanteo, due to some trouble in making the announcement, the apology has been delayed until now. Hanteo apologized to international fans for what happened to EXO’s albums last year. Due to the mistake of an employee, this unfortunate incident occurred. This is also the fault of all Hanteo employees whether it is an individual behavior.

After a year and two months, Hanteo finally apologized for the incident.

The reason for not apologizing at the time of the controversy, Hanteo said that because of the seriousness of the problem, if there was an apology at the time, it would only increase misunderstanding. As a result, the employee who caused the mistake was fired.

It was thought that if Hanteo apologize, they will get the sympathy from EXO’s fans, but the response is the opposite. For over a year now, Hanteo’s apology is now too late, as the group’s reputation has been affected.

However, the fans reacted quite negatively on Hanteo’s apology.

“It’s been over a year and when EXO are about to make a comeback, they apologize, I do not know what they mean?”

“They have known about it for a while for sure, but only apologize now as things have cooled down.”

“What a bland apology.”

“If you add those 200k copies into their record, EXO is the first group to have 1M album pre-odered.”

“200,000 thousand copies but they make it seem like 20 copies, it’s money, not leaves.” And ‘apologizing would cause misunderstandings’ so they wait a year to do that? What a joke.”

“1 year and 2 months for an apology and they still don’t know how to deal with those 200,000 albums.”

“The apology is useless, buy 200k copies of this album in return.”

EXO fans are extremely angry with this late apology from Hanteo. Since it’s been over a year now, it’s not going to solve the problem. What do you think about Hanteo’s action this time?

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