Veteran actress Kim Soo-mi amazed netizens with her beauty when she was young that resembles BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie

Actress Kim Soo-mi revealed her appearance when she was young which is said to resemble BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie.

Kim Su-mi look like Jisoo and Jennie

Actress Kim Soo-mi appeared as a guest on the broadcast of MBN’s entertainment program “A Match with the Gods/신과 한판”, which was aired on March 11th.

Kim Su-mi look like Jisoo and Jennie

During the broadcast, a photo of Kim Soo-mi when she was young was released. The MCs showed their admiration for Kim Soo-mi’s beauty, saying she looks so much like BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie. The actress then mentioned her passion for acting regardless of roles and talked about the Daesang that she received for playing Il-young’s mother in “Country Diaries” in her early 30s. Kim Soo-mi recalled, “Il-yong’s mom was not the main character. But they awarded me the Daesang. It was because the character showed all the joys and sorrows that a normal person can sympathize with. Not many supporting actors could receive the Daesang”.

Kim Su-mi look like Jisoo and Jennie

Meanwhile, “A Match with the Gods/신과 한판” is a talk show that opens the topic of “second life” and allows the guests to discuss ‘what if you were given a chance to reborn?’.

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