4th generation idols with impressive facial expressions on stage 

These rookies idols of the new generation are proving themselves as the future of KPOP by presenting amazing skills.

More and more promising idols recently debuted in the KPOP industry and drew keen attention. Despite being rookies, they have already impressed the audiences with their outstanding skills and visuals. Moreover, their amazing stage presence, especially their diverse facial expressions on stage, also received many compliments. 

NMIXX Sullyoon
Sullyoon has just debuted not long ago but already gets praised for her good facial expressions 

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

With her pretty appearance, Sullyoon attracts many fans. The female idol made headlines every time she appeared in public events. In particular, Sullyoon’s facial expressions in the individual fancam of her performing “O.O” on M! Countdown caught the eyes of the viewers.

Netizens poured out compliments for the main visual of NMIXX, showing their admiration for her dynamic and attractive facial expressions despite having just debuted for only a month.

Tsuki (Billlie)

A fancam of Tsuki recently caused a stir in all Korean online communities. The video showed the idol of Billie performing her group’s song “GingaMingaYo”. Tsuki left a great impression on the viewers for her eye-catching facial expressions that changed continuously in just a short time. This 2002-born idol showed off different moods with her face.

Thanks to her diverse facial expressions, Tsuki’s fancam surpassed 485.000 views on Youtube within a day of release and is currently viral on many SNS sites. Another video of Tsuki also exceeded 2.3 million views. Previously, this Japanese idol once surprised KPOP fans with a hard choreography in the performance of “RING X RING”.

Leeseo (IVE)

Right after STARSHIP announced its new girl group, Leeseo has received a lot of attention as she is the youngest member of the group. Despite her young age of 15, she is still complimented for her visual and tall height of 1,7m.

The young idol is also appraised for her performing ability such as singing, dancing and expression. In one of her fancam, Leeseo surprised everyone with her various face expression on stage. As a rookie idol born in 2007, Leeseo is already on her way to impress the public with her professionalism.

Winter (aespa)

Just debuted for nearly 2 years, but Winter already owns many million-view fancams. The most prominent of which is the video of her performing the song “Step Back” with GOT the beat. This video has now reached over 11 million views on YouTube.

As a result, she captivates viewers from the start of the video. The female idol’s cheek puff action was incredibly lovely. Throughout the performance, she flexibly switched between cute and cool facial expressions.

aespa Winter
Winter’s adorable moment has garnered more than 11 million views.

If you’ve been following Winter from her debut, you’re definitely familiar with her charismatic aura. In other fancams, such as Next Level, Savage, the female idol’s cool eyes usually make fans fall in love with her.

aespa Winter
Winter’s expression suits the aespa concept very well.

Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Although she was once bashed because of her unattractive appearance compared to her teammates, Bahiyyih has always been a member who owns fancams with overwhelming views. It can be seen that, after debut, the female idol is more beautiful day by day. At the same time, her inherent beauty and outstanding blonde hair also help her win the hearts of fans.

Besides, what caught the attention of netizens was the expression of the female idol born in 2004 on stage. Seeing Bahiyyih‘s solo fancam, many people commented that she has a cute and attractive face.

Yeji (ITZY)

As the main dancer and leader of ITZY, Yeji‘s stage performance never disappoints fans, which is why her solo fancams are always loved and complimented by many.

In her most recent fancam, Yeji performed the intro and two track “In the morning,” “LOCO” alongside her ITZY members. Aside from her sharp and professional dance moves, Yeji’s aura and expression is a big advantage. She always knows how to attract fans with her high-class and always-changing face expression. No matter if it’s her chic aura or just a soft smile, this born-in-2000 idol has the audience in her hand.

Many female idols from the 4th generation is appraised for their face expression which they can change according to the vibe of the performance despite their short time in the performing field.

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