Behind-the-scenes TMIs of Hyun Bin’s movie “Confidential Assignment”

You may not know these facts about “Confidential Assignment”. 

1. Kim Joo Hyuk’s habit that viewers thought he was acting 

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In the 2017 movie “Confidential Assignment”, there is a scene where Cha Ki Sung (Kim Joo Hyuk) scratches his head after shooting Hwa Ryung (Shin Hyun Been), the wife of Im Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin). From the audience’s point of view, it may seem like it was part of Kim Joo Hyuk’s acting that shows Cha Ki Sung’s character. However, the truth is, this is a habit of Kim Joo Hyuk whenever he films an action scene where he uses a gun. 

confidential assignment 2

2. Shin Hyun Been actually lied in a pile of dead bodies

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In the scene of Im Chul Ryung’s recollection, there is a scene where he checks the body of his wife Hwa Ryung in a pile of dead bodies, and it turns out that Hwa Ryung was pregnant. Hwa Ryung’s body in this scene was Shin Hyun Been herself. She did not use a stunt. 

3. This scene was a blooper

confidential assignment 2

When Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) finds out why he wanted to kill Cha Ki Sung, he gives Im Chul Ryung a copper plate and tells him to let the Cha Ki Sung and the copper plate fall into the river.

However, the Ulsan Bridge in the background is a bridge over the sea.  Therefore, Yoo Hae Jin should have explained that it was the sea, not the river.

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