“Sh**ting Stars” reveals new still cuts of ‘divorced legendary actress’ Choi Ji-woo… the character who causes Kim Young-dae’s panic appears

Actress Choi Ji-woo will be seen at the airport on her return to Korea in the new episode of tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars”.

“Sh**ting Stars” (written by Choi Young-woo/ directed by Lee Soo-hyun) unveiled new still cuts on May 6th, heralding the full-fledged appearance of Choi Ji-woo, who will play the cameo role Eun Si-woo, a legendary actress.

Choi Ji woo

Eun Si-woo portrayed by Choi Ji-woo is a legendary actress who was loved by the whole nation in the 1990s. She suddenly retired from the entertainment industry and left for France but is still a celebrity who receives explosive attention in Korea.

The released still cuts show Eun Si-woo returning to Korea after her divorce in France, drawing interest. Looking at the quiet atmosphere at the airport without reporters or fans, it seems that the actress arrives secretly, raising the viewers’ curiosity about the reason.


However, just like her title “legendary actress”, Eun Si-woo’s shining beauty and overwhelming aura, which cannot be covered with large sunglasses and a hat, draw admiration. Attention is focused on Eun Si-woo’s appearance in Korea, which will excite the whole entertainment industry. 


Meanwhile, these pre-release still cuts are scenes in the 6th episode of “Sh**ting Stars” and they suggested a great turning point in the development of the drama. Earlier in episode 3, Gong Tae-sung (Kim Young-dae) panicked after reading articles about Eun Si-woo. Therefore, fans are looking forward to seeing how Eun Si-woo’s return to Korea will affect Gong Tae-sung and the people of Star Force Entertainment.


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