Is visual considered a type of ‘talent’ of a Kpop idol?

Netizens have shared their opinions about whether possessing a handsome and beautiful appearance is a type of ‘talent’ that deserves recognition among Kpop idols

There is a topic that often makes netizens fiercely debated: Kpop idols are recognized for their looks but underrated for their talent.  In the Kpop music industry, many idols are labeled the ‘talentless visual’ because they do not possess special talent except for their visuals.  However, these idols are still popular and even become prominent members of the groups.

visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol

So, possessing a handsome, beautiful appearance should be considered a kind of talent?  And even though Knet criticizes, do they still ‘implicitly’ admit appearance is the element that an idol needs in addition to the ability to sing, dance, and perform?  Recently, a topic related to this issue caught the attention of users on Theqoo forum.

One Theqoo user posted a question as follows:

‘The problem you will have when looking at a certain Kpop idol.  Which option will you choose?

 1) Visual is also an idol talent.  For example, when talking about the comprehensiveness of an idol, you will also put their appearance in the evaluation.

 2) Visual is the personal taste of each person.  It is almost innate, so it shouldn’t be considered a talent. ‘

visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol
visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol
visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol
visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol

Below are typical comments from Knet on this issue:

 – I’ve been a fangirl for a long time.  I can say that I must choose option 1 right away.  If an idol is not talented but has an attractive appearance, fans will still defend him/her.

 – Of course, option 1.  Visual is also a kind of talent !!!

– I want option 3: Visual can also be considered a talent.  But if you evaluate an idol comprehensively, you should not judge their appearance.  All-round idols should only be recognized for their ability to sing, rap, or dance.

 – Option 2. I hate people who are good-looking but don’t have talent.

– Of course option 1. Idols also need a good looking.

– Option 1. You may be talented, but if your visuals are not my taste, you cannot catch my eye.

 – I chose number 2. I like pretty idols, but they have to be talented.  I don’t like being a fan of talentless visual

 – Of course, option 1.  If you only looked at talent, then everyone would become fans of solo singers.

 – Honestly, it should be number 2, but with the requirements of the entertainment industry, number 1 has become the right choice.

visual considered a type of 'talent' of a Kpop idol

In your opinion, should visual be considered a talent of a Kpop idol?

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