Album preparation in process? G-Dragon seen at studio, comeback is imminent

The release date of BIGBANG G-Dragon’s next solo album seems to finally be approaching.

Earlier, in a New Year’s video released in January, G-Dragon stated that he has plans to meet fans through various activities, and is in the process of preparing an album. “I want to be someone who brings good news and visits you in the new year”, the male idol also stated. 


However, up until now, as the first half of 2023 comes to an end, G-Dragon has not engaged in any significant musical activities nor appeared on broadcasts, raising fans’ curiosity.

Amidst this, rumors about the expiration of G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with his agency, YG Entertainment, and his departure from BIGBANG have been circulating. This is due to his name being missing from YG’s artist lineup in the company’s 2023 first quarter report. Until the second half of last year, G-Dragon’s real name, Kwon Ji Yong, was listed, but his name was removed after a few months, leading to speculation that he had left YG.


In response to these rumors, on June 6th, YG told media outlet Star News that while it is true G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with them has expired, they are cooperating through separate contracts for advertisements and other activities. 

YG also added that they plan to discuss additional contracts when G-Dragon resumes his music activities, and that they will show full support for him in such cases. 

As a result, some fans expressed mixed opinions about G-Dragon’s upcoming album release, and wrote comments such as “We need an explanation now,” “The waiting time is becoming tiresome,” “Come back soon,” and “Is it still too early for a comeback?” 


However, on the morning of June 8th, G-Dragon posted a photo on his personal social media, with the caption “WORK HARD. PLAY HARD”, seemingly putting an end to speculations.

The aforementioned photo was taken in a recording studio and featured producer 24 from The Black Label, who is known for composing hit songs for global artists such as BIGBANG, G-Dragon, Taeyang, BLACKPINK, Jennie, and Jeon Somi.

Furthermore, G-Dragon continued to tease his comeback by consecutively revealing photos that appeared to be an album list, with the words “JUNE 1ST. 2023. LIST,” indicating that his comeback is not far away.

Source: Daum

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