Showing her love for IU, a DIA member was insulted by anti-fan that she cannot compare to Nayeon

Yebin (DIA) was insulted by ONCE because she is not popular enough to receive IU’s attention like Nayeon.

Recently, DIA Yebin uploaded her cover of IU’s song ‘Between The Lips’ on Instagram. Yebin is known for having been an IU’s hardcore fan for years and she’s proud of it.

Unfortunately, after uploading the cover,a ONCE left an insulting comment on the post: “Have you seen the gifts that IU sent to TWICE’s Nayeon? Only popular people like her deserve to receive IU’s love. Not you Yebin…Wake up…You are pathetic”.

Responding to this rude comment, Yebin replied: “It’s okay because I love her”. Surprisingly, IU has left a like and a heart emoticon for Yebin.

Yebin replied the rude comment and got approved by IU

Even thou both are IU’s popular fangirls, Yebin and Nayeon popularity are not equal. While Nayeon is getting more and more famous all around Asia with TWICE, DIA is still looking for their turning point. Maybe because of this difference that the ONCE in the story above looked down on Yebin.

Source: tinnhac.com

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