IU: “I almost gave up my speech when 3 GDA hosts came close to me suddenly”

Singer cum actress IU revealed the Golden Disc Awards’ behind stories.

On Jan 21st, a video titled “IU in the saturday night” was posted on IU’s YouTube channel “IU Official”. In the video released on that day, IU attended the 36th Golden Disc Awards. When asked “Which awards would you like to win”, she answered, “How can I say no to an award of any kind? I love to win awards of any kind, if you give me anything.”

She made everyone laugh by adding, “I checked my predictions for my Chinese Zodiac Sign, and it says in this year, Roosters should not credit the others for what they accomplished. Take all the credit for what you accomplished, it said. ‘I know nothing, but it’s all because of me’, like this.”

IU 2022 Golden Disc Awards behind stories.

IU won Bonsang in the Digital category following Bonsang in the album category. Finally, IU, who went on stage to receive the long-awaited Daesang in the Digital category, was embarrassed by the face-to-face encounter with Lee Seung-gi.

IU 2022 Golden Disc Awards behind stories.

IU held the microphone and shared her feelings, “I didn’t know 3 hosts would be here with me.” Upon hearing this, Sung Si-kyung said, “It could be a pressure on you.” IU laughingly replied, “It makes me more nervous.” After receiving congratulations from the three MCs Lee Seung-gi, Lee Da-hee and Sung Si-kyung, IU thanked them then headed backstage.

IU 2022 Golden Disc Awards behind stories.

IU, who safely finished the awards ceremony, confessed, “I was so surprised. All the 3 hosts just came close to me suddenly. This is so embarrassing that I almost gave up my speech for the first time. But thankfully, they were so considerate so I could finish my speech well. Well, there are still many things that I wanted to say, but you know how grateful I am to all of you, right?”

IU 2022 Golden Disc Awards behind stories.


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