K-netizens are unhappy with BTS’s boxy suits at the AMAs

BTS’s styling often sparks mixed reactions, and the members’ recent outfits at AMAs 2021 are no exception.

BTS‘s outfits at music events are always a topic of public interest. However, most of the time, the outfits of the global boy group are often involved in controversy because they neither look good nor fit them properly. This happened again when they attended the American Music Awards (AMAs 2021). 

At the AMAs 2021, BTS wore black and gray suits from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2022 Menswear collection when they walked the red carpet and received the Artist of the Year award (equivalent to Daesang at Korean awards) on stage. However, Many Korean netizens have expressed their disappointment with these outfits because they do not enhance the physique of the 7 house ambassadors of the luxury brand.

BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
BTS’s Louis Vuitton suits at AMAs received mixed reactions 
BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
The upper part of the 7 boys is very fashionable, but their pants looked big and long

The members seemed to be wearing the pants in the wrong size, as they looked too baggy and were still wrinkled.  BTS’s pants looked like they hadn’t been ironed, making the members look sloppy and unprepared.

BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
Oversized pants make BTS look short, despite the fact that they have good body proportions
BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
Wrinkles are clearly visible on the members’ bright-colored pants…
BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
The wrinkles on these pants making the members look sloppy and lacking 

It’s been a long time since BTS last came to the US to perform live in front of their fans, and AMA is also a big awards ceremony.  However, the 7 boys had an unnecessary outfit malfunction, showing that their company and stylist have not yet learned anything from the group’s past outfit controversies.  On the Korean forum theqoo, many people expressed dissatisfaction and even demanded to “fire” BTS’ stylist.

 Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • I know the pants are originally like that, but I still don’t understand them.
  • It’s such a waste cause BTS is so handsome.
  • This set makes their legs look short.  Just give them basic suits.
  • The clothes look so ugly, but they turned out to be designers.
  • Change their hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist.
  • What happened to their clothes and hair?
  • Turns out I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to understand their stylist.  Their pants are big, long and wrinkled.
BTS 2021 AMA Outfits
K-netizens are upset and asking to change BTS’s stylist for giving them sloppy clothes that don’t fit

K-netizens reacted harshly, while on some international fan forums, ARMYs have mixed opinions about BTS’s outfits.  Some people think that BigHit should fire the stylist, while others think that the group’s outfits worn at the 2021 AMAs are not that bad.

The fabric of the pants is inherently thin, so it wrinkles when the wearers move, and the designs are also long and wide, according to them. Because BTS is a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, the group had to dress in the collection’s spirit.

BTS is currently the most well-known group on the planet; their attire not only reflects their status, but it is also one of the factors that enhances their performance. However, controversy over the group’s costumes erupted frequently, indicating that the majority of fans were dissatisfied with their dressing styles. As a result, Big Hit and the stylist should take into account the opinions of netizens and fans so that the boys always have a neat and appealing appearance.

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