Rapper Swings told the audience to “kick off the fence”, continued his performance despite students’ injury

An article reported about the incident happened during a college festival stage featuring Swings which has caused some students to be injured.

On May 29th, on an online university community called “Junghwa Arts University Every time” appeared a post titled “Chunghwa Arts Univ. Festival’s invited singer Swings“. The article was then posted on online communities such as “theqoo” on the next day and is spreading rapidly.

The post described in detail about the performance, “As there were performances of invited singers, it was important to maintain order. The hosts and staff installed fences in front of the stage and guided the students to sit down and watch.

After Swings started, he asked everyone to come forward and say, ‘Let’s kick off this fence’ Then the students who were sitting started to run off to the front of the stage. The impact caused the standing stand to slowly move over, and several students who were rushing to the stage fell, causing a number of injuries,” the writer explained the situation.

This person also said, “The host came up to stop but Swings said, ‘Teacher? Are you a teacher? I’ll take care of it myself’. Some of the people were seriously injured including the students and the people who were filming under the stage. (Swings) continued to perform while the injured people were being taken away because of the mess he made.

The attached photo, along with the text, showed some injured people being carried into stretchers at the concert hall at the time of the accident.

The netizens commented, “I think he should make a public statement about the accident. How can he say he’ll take the responsibility, but then he just left?,” holding Swings accountable.

Swings performed at the festival of Jeong Hwa Arts University in Seoul on May 29. He posted a photo taken during the performance on his Instagram story the same day and said, “You should have recorded it to the end. I was so cool during the ending part.

Source: nate

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