“She grew up well”, A look at “Our Beloved Summer” star Noh Jeong Eui in her child actor days

Noh Jeong Eui

Noh Jeong Eui, who plays top idol NJ in SBS’s ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, which is currently airing, is taking over the small screen with her doll-like blonde hair visuals.

With her solid acting skills, Noh Jeong Eui delicately portrays NJ’s dark abyss, leaving a strong lingering impression on viewers.

Born in 2000 and turning 23 years old this year, Noh Jeong Eui is an experienced actress who has been working hard on expanding her filmography since she was only a child. Noh Jeong Eui debuted in the 2011 action crime film ‘I Am a Dad‘ and later starred in dramas such as MBC’s ‘The King’s Doctor‘, JTBC’s ‘Firstborn‘, and SBS’s ‘Pinocchio‘.

At the age of 20, Noh Jeong Eui joined the cast of the movie ‘The Day I Died: Unclosed Case‘ alongside veteran actresses Lee Jeong Eun and Kim Hye Soo. She impressed the viewers with her mature acting performance. 

Netizens who have been watching Noh Jeong Eui for a long time are constantly admiring her beautiful visuals, saying, “She grew up well.”

Noh Jeong Eui’s outdoor profile pictures taken and released by Namoo Actors back in 2013, also resurfaced recently. The talented actress, who was only 13 at the time, draws keen attention by showing off her pretty facial features even at such a young age.

Seeing the refreshing smile that harmonizes with her big, clear eyes and cute dimples makes netizens adore her even more. Currently, expectations are high as to how Noh Jeong Eui, with both visuals and talent, will deliver more quality on-screen performances in the future. 


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