SEVENTEEN to come back with their 4th full album on May 27th

Group SEVENTEEN will be coming back with their 4th full album.

On April 22nd, Pledis Entertainment posted a teaser image on SEVENTEEN‘s official SNS and announced that they would make a comeback with their 4th full album “Face the Sun” at 1 PM on May 27th.

The teaser image contains the album name and release date along with various objects that imply the concept of the 4th full album, including a stair, rope, sun, map, and structure. With various speculations on what the objects mean, curiosity is at its peak about the story SEVENTEEN will deliver through their 4th full album.


SEVENTEEN announced the beginning of a new story with the digital single “Darl+ing”, which was pre-released on April 15th. This year, they want to take a step closer to their fans as more sincere artists by expressing their inner stories that they have not been able to easily tell until now.

“Darl+ing” is receiving great love as it dominated domestic and foreign music charts at the same time as it was released. On the iTunes Songs Chart, the song reached the TOP10 in 46 countries/regions, including No.1 in 34 countries/regions such as Singapore, Philippines, Egypt and Indonesia. It also topped the iTunes Worldwide Songs Chart.


At the same time, SEVENTEEN boasted their strong global power by climbing to the top of major Japanese music sites Line Music and mu-mo. They topped the daily and weekly as well as real-time charts on Line Music.

SEVENTEEN, which showed off the potential of an “irreplaceable K-pop leader” by achieving meaningful results with the pre-released song “Darl+ing”, is raising expectations for what they will show through their 4th full album to be released on May 27th.

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