Seol In-ah, why is she alone in the house where her family lived? (I Live Alone)

Seol In-ah will reveal the reason for living alone in the house where she lived with her family.

On “I Live Alone“, which is scheduled to air on April 29th, Seol In-ah will unveil the “In-ah House” that she has been living in since 6th grade of elementary school. It stimulates curiosity about why Seol In-ah, who has been living here for 14 years, was left alone at home.

Seol In Ah

Seol In-ah draws attention by revealing that she is living alone for 2 years in the house where she has been living since 6th grade of elementary school. Her mother’s tastes and years are buried throughout the house, attracting attention. It stimulates curiosity about why she ended up living alone in this place, where the years of her family remain intact.

At first glance, Seol In-ah’s “In-ah House” boasted a simple interior of white and gray tones, but she caused curiosity as she said, “I’m not satisfied”, “There are not only one or two places that need fixing” and “I couldn’t touch it.” People are focusing on why her house satisfaction is heading for negative points.

Seol In Ah

The bright smile of Seol In-ah, who was depressed, stole attention. A time with her dog Julie, who is responsible for her happiness, was captured in “House of Dissatisfaction”. Julie, which made Seol In-ah feel that they were meant to be at first sight at a temporary shelter for abandoned dogs, drew laughter with its unexpected variety show ability.

Seol In Ah

In particular, “dog owner” Seol In-ah and “dog” Julie are expected to show their heart-fluttering walk, resembling the characteristics of unstoppable mischievous kids. In the aftermath of skateboarding practice, Julie was caught taking a hard walk without even being able to walk properly, drawing laughter. It seemed to be a walk in an ordinary apartment complex, but the white-haired Julie rolled on the dirt floor and sat down, signaling fantastic chemistry.

Seol In Ah

On this day, Seol In-ah is expected to make people laugh with her unexpectedly “careless” aspect. Accidents occurred everywhere, and while looking back on the day, she is expected to captivate viewers with her lovely charm, such as throwing away the diary, saying, “What I caused trouble are more than what I solved today.”

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