This actress is drawing explosive attention by announcing her appearance on “I Live Alone” next week

Actress Seol In-ah raised high expectations for her appearance in next week’s episode of “I Live Alone”.

At the end of MBC’s entertainment program I Live Alone broadcast on April 22nd, a preview for next week was released. The video showed actress Seol In-ah introducing her real daily life moments.

Seol In Ah

In the preview, the actress appeared and introduced herself, “I’m Seol In-ah, who has lived alone for two years”. She said “I really like music” and showed off her cheerfulness while immersing in music with her whole body.

Seol In Ah

She also caught the eyes of netizens by revealing her easy-going charm when enjoying her hobby – skateboarding. In particular, while skateboarding, she suddenly said, “One second before my pants rip”. The actress attracted attention as she clapped her hands and smiled excitingly.

Seol In Ah
Seol In Ah

Seol In-ah then impressed the viewers with her energetic lifestyle as she walked her dog immediately after coming home. 

Seol In Ah
Seol In Ah

Knowing the news of Seol In-ah’s appearance on the show, netizens responded enthusiastically and expressed their expectations.

On the online community theqoo, netizens commented, “Seol In-ah is so cute’, “I’m looking forward to next week”, “I will definitely watch next week’s broadcast”, “Wow, I really like Seol In-ah. I must watch the next episode”, “It’s gonna be so interesting”, “I can see how cute she is even with this short preview”, etc.

Seol In-ah debuted in 2015 and made her name known to the viewers after appearing in dramas, such as “Sunny Again Tomorrow”, “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”, “Mr. Queen”, etc.

She starred in SBS’s TV series “Business Proposal”, which recently ended, and gained huge love for her impressive performance.

Seol In Ah

Meanwhile, “I Live Alone” featuring Seol In-ah will air at 11:05 p.m on April 29th.


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