Seo Shin Ae Resumes Activities After Confessing to Being a School Violence Victim by Soo Jin: Next Project Under Consideration

It has been revealed on July 25 that PA Entertainment has signed an exclusive contract with Seo Shin Ae. 

PA Entertainment stated that they will provide full support to Seo Shin Ae for her activities as an actress. According to the agency, Seo Shin Ae is currently reviewing her next project.

seo shin ae

Earlier in 2021, Seo Shin Ae publicly admitted via her personal Instagram that she was a victim of school violence perpetrated by former (G)I-DLE member Soo Jin. 

She exposed incidents of verbal abuse, malicious laughter, groundless criticism, and personal attacks she endured for two years on her way to school, during break times, in the cafeteria, and practically everywhere with the Soo Jin’s group.

shin ae soojin

In response to Seo Shin Ae’s revelations, Soo Jin remained silent for a long time and eventually left (G)I-DLE in August of the same year. (G)I-DLE continued with five members. 

Soo Jin terminated her contract with Cube Entertainment in March of the following year and is currently working as a freelancer. She recently opened a personal Instagram account.

Source: Nate. 

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