“An enchanted night”… Se7en and Lee Da Hae met the couple So Yoo Jin – Baek Jong Won before their wedding

Singer Se7en and actress Lee Da-hae met with the celebrity couple Baek Jong-won and actress So Yoo-jin just before their wedding.

On the 26th, Lee Da-hae posted several pictures on her Instagram with the caption “Just meeting our beloved sister Yoo Jin makes me happy, but it was a magical night to taste Baek Hyung-boo’s endless, truly delicious cooking.”

Lee Da-hae

In the photos, Lee Da-hae and So Yoo-jin are facing each other with bright smiles, captivating everyone with their incomparable beauty. Baek Jong-won, who is cooking in the background, also catches the eye.

In another photo, Se7en, Lee Da-hae, Baek Jong-won, and So Yoo-jin are seen enjoying a meal together. Lee Da-hae said, “I ate like a baby from the golden hands that make magic just by saying it, and my stomach got so full. Thank you for inviting us, thank you for the delicious food, and thank you for the congratulations. I love you, sister and brother-in-law. I had so much fun and was happy because of you.”

Lee Da-hae

Earlier, Se7en and Lee Da-hae announced their marriage news through their respective Instagram accounts.

Born in the same year of 1984, Seven and Lee Da Hae were friends for a long time before becoming a couple, and confirmed their relationship in September 2016. They have openly expressed their love for each other on various broadcasts and official occasions, and after 8 years of public dating, they will hold their wedding on May 6th.

Source: Nate

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