Roy Kim won’t attend his graduation ceremony on May 18, changed his major to graduate easily?

Singer Roy Kim (Kim Sang Woo), who was sent to the prosecution on charges of distributing pornography is going to graduate.

According to Herald POP, Roy Kim will graduate from Georgetown University on May 18 (local time). Roy Kim is an undergraduate, and according to his official bachelor’s degree calendar from Georgetown University, Roy Kim’s graduation ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. on May 18 instead of May 16.


On May 7, Herald POP exclusively reported that Roy Kim is about to graduate from Georgetown University, where he is attending school.

Roy Kim is known to have safely taken his final exam before graduation. The last final exam period at Georgetown University is from May 3 to May 12. It is speculated that Roy Kim left for the United States during this period and took the final exam. In the case of Roy Kim, no separate travel ban was imposed earlier.

According to Roy Kim’s agency Stone Music Entertainment, Roy Kim will not attend the graduation ceremony. Currently, Roy Kim is said to be staying in Korea

When it was revealed that Roy Kim was a member of the “Jung Joon Young’s Kakaotalk chat room,” he was also rumored to be kicked out of Georgetown University. However, Roy Kim is likely to receive a lighter fine for circulating one pornographic photo so he will graduate without any problem.

It was also revealed that Roy Kim transferred from the Business Administration department to the Sociology department in 2017. It is said that this was to graduate easily while working as a celebrity. Roy Kim entered Georgetown University in 2012 and graduates very late even though he did not serve in the military.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim is a member of Jung Joon Young’s chat room and was turned into a suspect after one case of spreading pornographic material was confirmed. Roy Kim returned to Korea last month and was questioned by police.

Sources: Nate

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