NewJeans’ Recent Schedule in Taipei Sparks Huge Controversy

An unexpected controversy has erupted after NewJeans was spotted filming for a "secret project" on the streets of Taipei. 

On March 30, photos of NewJeans filming in Taipei were published across various online communities, which eventually led to an unexpected controversy. 

In particular, as the photos spread, a person claiming to be staff started to leave comments on related posts, stating that since NewJeans is filming for a secret project, the photos must be taken down. 


The alleged staff even mentioned that netizens shouldn’t share related photos or even words, adding that they worked hard to block people and close off the roads, so people should give them space to work and posting about the schedule would impact its progress. 

However, as fans protect the group and ask each other to refrain from posting, non-fans find the request of the staff to be ridiculous, as NewJeans was filming in public, and people should be able to talk about things that happened in public spaces. 


One netizen, who was at the scene, even accused the staff of rudely screaming at them to leave and not take photos, despite them being still far from the scene and didn’t have their phone out. 

Meanwhile, another revealed that they saw a girl who lived in the neighborhood getting her phone checked by staff for taking photos. The staff members even allegedly checked all cars and pedestrians who wanted to go near the area.

The staff’s alleged unreasonable actions have infuriated a lot of netizens, who not only criticized the staff but also put the blame on NewJeans. Some also pointed out that NewJeans’ fans also acted rudely when asking others to delete related photos. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • NewJeans came to Taipei for filming but didn’t have the proper permits for road closures, and instead only had a temporary permit. However, the staff members arrogantly berated passersby. 
  • There’s a problem with both the staff and the fans 
  • NewJeans fans think too highly of themselves 
  • Who do they think they are to demand people to do all that despite being in public? They truly think of themselves as a hotshot and above regular people huh 

Source: Krb, TVBS, theqoo

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