Rosé (BLACKPINK) suddenly revealed that she feels stress because of Instagram

Rosé's recent confession has attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has just debuted as a solo singer with the song On The Ground and has gotten outstanding achievements.  Known as the famous main vocalist of BLACKPINK, the female singer always attracts the media’s attention.

In a video on Vline, Rosé shared her recent feelings.  Specifically, the female singer shared that in the past few days she felt a lot of stress with what she read on Instagram.  Although using Instagram is fun, sometimes it also directly affects the female singer.

As a celebrity, Rosé chose to accept diverse opinions from people.  Rosé also shared that, next time, she will use Netflix more to relax.

Knets are inherently known for their toxic personality.  They are willing to attack artists with their malicious comments on social networks. Many artists have suffered from depression, even committed suicide after a period of being cyberbullied. So the problems that Rosé is facing are inevitable.  Many people have voiced their support and hope that Rosé will be stronger.

Rosé is currently achieving a lot of success as a solo singer.  MV On The Ground has set a new record when reaching 100M views in just 7 days. In the coming time, fans will surely witness more and more impressive successes of the “Australian rose”.

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