How did Taeyeon’s older brother react after seeing her goddess visual?

The reaction of Taeyeon’s older brother after seeing the female singer’s goddess visual drew attention.

Taeyeon released her third full album “INVU” on Feb 14th. This is the first full album in 2 years and 4 months since her second full album “Purpose. Taeyeon started her promotions by uploading “INVU” music video on her Instagram. In this MV, Taeyeon boasted her goddess appearance like a game character.

Taeyeon INVU

YoonA left a comment saying “Are you human? What should I do?” Netizens also showed various reactions such as “Crazy”, “So pretty”, “My goddess”, “Awesome”… However, Taeyeon’s older brother was different.

Taeyeon INVU

Taeyeon’s brother attracted attention by commenting, “I want to play Lineage.” This comment spread through SNS and online communities.

Taeyeon INVU

Afterwards, netizens responded to her brother’s comment, “Taeyeon is a fairy recognized by her brother”, “She gives off a feeling of a game character”, “It’s funny seeing her brother comment like that”, “If my sister is Taeyeon, I’ll treat her like a god”…

Taeyeon INVU

Meanwhile, Taeyeon talked about this album, “When it comes to a full album, many people expect more, so I made it more carefully. I tried to capture the current me as much as possible.”


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