Refreshing White Tee & Jeans Fashion: BLACKPINK Jisoo, Lee Bo Young, and Seo Dong Joo Showcase Stylish Looks

Who is more beautiful in basic white tee and jeans?

In the scorching midsummer, even these female stars, who exude stylish vibes, introduce refreshing white tee & jeans fashion that brings about a sense of coolness.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo completes a cool and hip street look by confidently pairing a loose-fit white t-shirt with a boldly distressed pair of destroyed jeans, featuring a playful print of a mischievous black cat. She adds an adorable touch with double braids and a cap.

Blackpink Jisoo

Lee Bo Young, boasting overflowing intellectual beauty and distinctive purity, emits an extraordinary presence by donning only a standard-fit plain white t-shirt and jeans without any accessories. With her short hair highlighting a light texture, she once again refreshes her top beauty with a refreshing visual.

Seo Dong Joo, an alluring figure with astonishing voluminous physique and versatile talents, showcases a sexy yet tasteful mix-and-match styling. She wears a form-fitting white cropped top with a semi-bootcut denim pants, and completes the look with an elegant pearl necklace and street mood slip-on shoes, displaying a sensuous and sophisticated style.

Source: moneys

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