Brave Girls won both the dance unit and vocal unit’s vote, what’s the final result of the 3rd round of “Queendom 2”?

Will Brave Girls be able to bounce back on track?

The 6th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2“, the K-POP global girl group comeback competition, revealed the vocal stages of the 3rd round which could lead to a rebound in rankings, followed by a workshop by the “Queens” where they decided on their unit members and spent time together.

The dance units’ practice time is shown after everyone had a good time selecting “The TOP 3 visual among Queens” and “The Queen I want to recruit to our team.”

Holy Bang’s Honey J, who is in charge of the choreography of the “KEVIz” team which includes Kep1er and VIVIZ, greeted her team through a video to soothe the regret of not being able to join their practice. KEVIz, who started their practice with Holy Bang’s Hertz, continued without showing any signs of exhaustion and heated the atmosphere with their powerful performances in the mid-evaluation.

Brave Girls

Ex-it, where Hyolyn and WJSN collaborate for the first time since their debut, prepared their performance with a concept different from the image they had shown so far. Ex-it practiced with Gabee, Rian, and Simeez of LACHICA, who are in charge of the choreography. The team practiced smoothly with positive power and showed perfect chemistry with sharp dance moves.

The “Queen is Me” team, in which Brave Girls Eun-ji and LOONA became one team, caught the audience’s eye with a bold performance under Prowdman Monika‘s passionate guidance and advice.

As a result of the mid-evaluation with the cue sheet option at stake, the “33” team of Hyolyn and Brave Girls Min-young ranked first among vocal units, and the “Queen is Me” team with Brave Girls Eun-ji and LOONA ranked first among dance units. According to the top teams in each unit’s mid-evaluation, the vocal unit will compete in the order of “Sun and Moon,” “Eunha Embracing the Universe,” “33” and the dance unit will compete in the order of “KEVIz,” “Ex-it,” and “Queen is Me.”

Brave Girls

The first round of the 3rd competition “Position Unit Battle” began in earnest. The first vocal unit “Sun & Moon” (LOONA and Kep1er) performed EXO’s “Don’t Go”. Sun & Moon presented a high-quality performance as a team with their refreshing voices and perfect harmony.

The second vocal unit “Eun-ha in Universe” (WJSN and VIVIZ) decorated the stage with IU’s “Hold My Hand”. Team “Eun-ha in Universe” delivered a strong sense of spring through their stage with clear voices and impressive high notes.

The last vocal unit to perform was team “33” (Hyolyn and Brave Girls’s Min-young). The two selected the song “To My Youth” by Bolbbalgan4 and gave comfort and touched everyone with a stage full of sincerity.

Performances of vocal units, which captivated the audience with their sincerity and beautiful harmonies, have ended. The final result of the competition and the intense performances of dance units will be unveiled in next week’s broadcast.

The K-pop global girl group comeback battle “Queendom 2” airs at 9:20 p.m every Thursday. It is also broadcast live globally in Japan through Mnet JAPAN and AbemaTV as well as in other countries and regions through the Youtube channel “Mnet K-POP”.

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