“Our Blues”: The reason why Shin Min-ah came to Jeju Island is revealed, there is a hidden meaning behind

“Our Blues” Shin Min-ah finally reveals her true feelings in front of Lee Byung-hun.

In the 9th and 10th episodes of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” titled “Dongseok and Sunah,” which will air on July 8th, a comforting story by Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) and Min Sun-ah (Shin Min-ah), will be released.

The production team recently unveiled a still cut of the two who went to see the sunrise together, signaling a relationship between them that is much closer than before when the awkward atmosphere has passed.

Our Blues

In particular, Min Sun-ah’s expression, which is filled with tears in front of Lee Dong-seok, catches the viewers’ attention. Sun-ah, who has been quiet and calm all this time, talks about her feelings for the first time in front of Lee Dong-seok and reveals her feelings. The image of Min Sun-ah in front of an upset Lee Dong-seok raises questions about what kind of conversation they had.

The cold and rough sea, where the two were standing, also adds depth and meaning to this scene. Shin Min-ah previously said in her commentary interview, “For Sun-ah, the sea is linked with pain. It carries a symbolic meaning of her wanting to see the sea, longing for it, and a little bit of regret.”

Our Blues

Min Sun-ah, who divorced her husband because of her long-term depression and is in a dispute over custody of their child, came to Jeju island with frustration and wounds in her heart.

Min Sun-ah’s face became dark as she looked at the wide ocean, and she felt depressed as if her whole body was drenched in water and would eventually fall into the sea. Lee Dong-seok was then worried about Min Sun-ah’s condition and started to take care of her.


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