Female YouTuber exposed a K-pop idol who lured her into a love hotel when she was a minor 

The terrifying story of a K-pop idol pulling a 15-year-old girl into a hotel was told by the victim herself. 

Recently, female YouTuber Kyurin, a multilingual traveler who shares contents about East Asian culture, beauty and lifestyle, spilled the tea about her meeting with a male K-pop idol 8 years ago through her video. This experience made Kyurin realize the dark reality of the K-Pop industry:

She began the story by saying, “When I was 15-16, I once shared a cover video of mine online and one of the likes was actually from a K-pop idol. He left a comment too. If this happens nowadays, no one would know about it except the receiver but back then, Instagram had this feature where you could see who liked whose picture.”


When Kyurin woke up the next day, she suddenly received a bunch of malicious messages from the male idol’s fans. He then personally texted her apologizing and asking if they could continue chatting in a different application. Since his company controlled all his social media accounts, they then moved to Kakaotalk and Snapchat to have private conversations. She said they actually didn’t talk much but they did video call a few times. He texted her good morning or sent her singing videos. Because she was an innocent 15-year-old at the time, she thought what he did was sweet and adorable.

About 2-3 months later, she went to Korea to travel with her family and agreed to meet him in Kangnam. After they finished their meal, they went for a walk to a coffee shop.  He told her that his life was completely controlled by the company and he dealt with many other difficulties as an idol. After talking for a long time, he started to come closer to her, causing her to feel uncomfortable. She was a minor and he was about 22-23 years old. She was then naturally following him and they ended up in front of a love hotel.


He looked at her and suggested they go in together. In a way, he kind of dragged her into the direction of the hotel. Needless to say, she was terrified and came up with an excuse to go back because her parents were waiting. The next morning, he even sent her his nude photos via Snapchat. 

Kyurin said she was utterly shocked and disappointed because the image of K-pop idols through the rose-colored glasses that she was fantasizing about all this time turned out to be a nightmare for her in real life. 

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