Red Velvet’s Wendy Mentions The Legendary Lettuce Sweater Photo Taken On Her Way To Work

Red Velvet’s Wendy recalled when she made headlines with a photo taken on her way to work

KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Eun-ji’s Music Plaza” broadcast on November 23rd featured the guest appearance of the girl group Red Velvet, who just made their comeback with the third full album “Chill Kill”.

During the broadcast, Lee Eun-ji said, Wendy, congratulations on your 1st anniversary”, adding “November 29th is the day photos of Wendy on her way to work at a radio show became a hot topic.” 

red velvet

Referring to that event, Lee Eun-ji commented, “The title of the article is ‘Anyone can tell that she had Kito Gimbap for dinner’. There’s a picture of Wendy doing a cheek heart and there was a small piece of lettuce on her sweater. This is the first anniversary of the lettuce photo that fans really love”.

In response, Wendy laughed and said, “I forgot to bring the lettuce today”. Lee Eun-ji added, “The pictures taken on the way to work are so interesting. There’s one with tacho gimbap sticker on Wendy’s thigh”.

red velvet

Wendy shared, “When you don’t know what to do with the accessories, wouldn’t it be a good idea to turn them into some points on outfits like that? I didn’t know that. I told myself that I would check it before getting off the car but why didn’t it fall even when I was running?”, drawing laughter.

Lee Eun-ji continued, “There’s a funny story among fans that they could see what Wendy ate on that day by looking at her sweater. Congratulations on your first anniversary”.

Other Red Velvet members also talked about their clumsy moments. Regarding Joy, Yeri said, “She’s a very well-organized person at work, but she’s clumsy in real life”. Joy then said, “Seulgi makes a lot of slips of the tongue.” Yeri mentioned Irene, saying “I don’t know which specific moment to mention but she’s sometimes clumsy in a cute way”.

Source: Daum

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