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“I want to sleep with you”… “Eden 2” real couple was born

The young men and women of “Eden 2” shock viewers with their repeated twists and turns ahead of the final choice.

In episode 8 of channel IHQ’s dating reality show “Eden 2“, which airs today, the struggles of Kim Kang Rae, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Soo Min, Lana, Son Seo Ah, Lee Seo Yeon, Jo Yi Gun, Hyun Chae Hee will be broadcasted ahead of the final choice.

On this day, Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi and Simeez aroused curiosity by hinting, “It is said that a real couple occurred for the first time in this program.

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Afterwards, the young men and women had a fierce battle to spend the last night at “Eden House” with their crushes. This was because “powerful man” Kim Do Hyun finished the first room assignment, but the reversal rule of changing rooms was revealed.

In particular, a new rule that did not exist in season 1 was added, causing confusion for everyone. Kim Soo Min shed tears, while Lee Hong Ki evaluated it as “cruel”.


In this process, bold remarks faithful to instinct such as “I want to sleep with you“, “It’s a really hot and heavy night” also led to tension.

Above all, Jo Yi Gun, who is currently receiving the attention of Lana, Lee Seo Yeon and Hyun Chae Hee, said “I don’t want to repeat” and made an expected choice. He made Yoon Bo Mi, who was cheering for him, speechless.

Source: Naver

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