Kim Nam Hee confesses his real age: “Song Joong Ki appears as my younger brother on ‘Reborn Rich’, but he is older” (Radio Star)

Actor Kim Nam Hee will appear as a guest on “Radio Star” to talk about his time living as Jin Sung Joon of “Reborn Rich.”

MBC’s “Radio Star” (planned by Kang Young Sun/directed by Lee Yoon Hwa), which will air on January 4th, will feature Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Jung, Kim Nam Hee and Yoo Sun Ho as “Hot actors from rich families.”

Radio Star

This will be Kim Nam Hee’s first time appearing on “Radio Star.” Kim shared, “People around me recognize me as the eldest son of ‘Reborn Rich’,” adding that he does realize his high popularity after the drama ends.

In this episode, Kim Nam Hee will share various stories on the scene of “Reborn Rich” through “Radio Star.” First of all, he surprised the 4 MCs by confessing his real age, saying, “Song Joong Ki, who appears as my younger brother in the drama, is actually older than me.” He also revealed how actress Park Ji Hyun, who worked together with him as an on-screen couple, was really angry at him behind the scenes.

Radio Star

Kim Nam Hee also boasts a unique relationship with Lee Sung Min, who appeared as his grandfather in the play. He draws attention by telling how he was deeply moved by Lee Sung Min, who appeared in a movie together with him in the past.

In the meantime, Kim Nam Hee also tells his behind-the-scenes story while filming “Mr. Sunshine.” The day before filming, he confessed that he couldn’t sleep well because of “this person,” raising curiosity.

Radio Star

On the other hand, Kim Nam Hee reveals an unusual habit on “Radio Star,” saying he checks his condition with his armpits every day. This episode of “Radio Star” airs at 10:30 p.m. on Jan 4th.

Source: Newsen

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