Lee Do Hyun’s drama reached new rating high as it transformed from comedy to tragedy

Episode 7 of “The Good Bad Mother” recorded a new high in viewership, as tragedies befall on Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran’s characters.

When “The Good Bad Mother” first aired with a Wednesday broadcast slot, it was not expected to become too popular. However, the series has since enjoyed a miracle, with viewership constantly rising and reaching a 8.1% rating in episode 7, where a series of tragedies befall on Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) and Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun). 

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Lee Do Hyun’s drama records a new viewership high

After bringing great laughter, “The Good Bad Mother” officially entered a painful phase, starting with Young Soon learning that she had stomach cancer. From a hopeful mother, she turned into a person who almost lost all faith. Instead of continuing to spend healing time with Kang Ho, she prepared to push her son to fend for himself.

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Kang Ho himself also noticed his mother’s abnormality, but didn’t know how to make her happy. However, Young Soon’s tragedy did not stop. Her pig farm was suddenly completely destroyed due to a disease outbreak. Although her pigs were unaffected, the farm still had to be destroyed, leaving Young Soon’s life in an utter deadend. The sight of Young Soon and Kang Ho hugging each other and crying caused villagers and viewers to feel pain too.

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With constant tragedies befalling her life, Young Soon started to contemplate suicide. She bought pesticide, planning to end her life in front of Kang Ho and her husband’s grave but changed her mind, and was also prevented by Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin).

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However, at the end of episode 7 of “The Good Bad Mother”, Young Soon decided to hang herself, leaving a suicide note for Kang Ho and the villagers. The scene where Kang Ho “ran” from the therapy center home to find his mother, until his hands got bloodied, made viewers unable to hold back tears.

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Kang Ho made it back just as Young Soon hanged herself, and he unexpectedly stood up on both legs to support his mother. Is this the catalyst for Kang Ho’s complete recovery? 

At the same time, two of Chairman Song’s men found a USB at Kang Ho’s house, raising curiosity about the drama’s next development.

Source: JTBC

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