Competition for BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Limited Edition BMW Cars is Fierce

Intense competition ensues as nearly 1000 people vie for the limited edition BMW cars collaborated with G-Dragon.

In a recent collaboration between BMW Korea and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, the much-anticipated “BMW New XM First Edition” car series was unveiled on May 10th. 


This exclusive release has created a frenzy among car enthusiasts and G-Dragon fans alike, as nearly 1000 individuals competed for the opportunity to own one.

What sets these limited edition cars apart is their scarcity. With only eight units made available for purchase through BMW’s online sales channel, the value of these vehicles skyrocketed. 

The high demand resulted in approximately 916 people engaging in a cutthroat competition to secure one of the limited edition models, creating a staggering competition ratio of 1:115.

The price tag attached to each BMW XM car is a hefty 225.3 million KRW (around 199,750 USD).

Source: twitter

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