Han Hyo-joo Got Injured While Filming “Unexpected Business” Amid Sanitation Controversy

Han Hyo-joo suffered a hand injury while preparing the cast’s meals

In the latest episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Unexpected Business Season 3,” which aired on Novembet 16th, the cast continued to work hard to run a mart in the US.

Han Hyo-joo

In this episode, the show’s members were busy with customers’ rush. At the end of the day, while cleaning up the store, the cast members assigned each other’s roles and began to repair the ingredients for their meals. Han Hyo-joo, while trimming carrots, cut her hands. Jo In-sung quickly reassured Han Hyo-joo and quietly exited the kitchen. Cha Tae-hyun also approached the two and looked at the situation. After an emergency meeting with other members, Han Hyo-joo decided to go to the hospital.

The members said, “She got hurt while trying to cook for us..Hyo-joo did a lot already,” adding, “I’m sorry, and after the business hours, I will fill Hyo-joo’s vacancy and organized the kitchen.”

cha tae-hyun han hyo joo

When they returned to their accommodation, Cha Tae-hyun called Han Hyo-joo right away. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big injury, the two promised to become the actress’ hands and feet for tomorrow’s work, so she only needed to use her head.

On the other hand, “Unexpected Business 3” was recently criticized for broadcasting the cast’s unsanitary kimbap making process. Viewers pointed out that some of the cast members made kimbap while talking without wearing sanitary hats or masks, or picked up ingredients while wearing sanitary gloves. Eventually the production team apologized for “the staff’s negligence.”

Source: daum

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