“My Liberation Notes” production team released behind video of Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Koo’s kiss scene, even sweeter than the show

A behind footage of Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Koo’s kiss scene in their new Kdrama “My Liberation Notes” has been drawing attention. 

The new JTBC K-drama “My Liberation Notes”, which started with poor ratings, is starting to gain attention for its well-written plot and brilliant acting. Recently, the kiss scene of main actors Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won in a reed field has become a widely-discussed topic, and the behind-the-scenes of this have just been dropped. 

My Liberation Notes

In this newly-released video, Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won were working together before filming their kiss. The two set a shared timing to turn their heads for the scene, where they were supposed to kiss each other while looking into each other’s eyes. 

My Liberation Notes

Son Seok Koo even enacted the speed of turning his head in great detail, cracking up everyone on the filming set.  Reacting to her co-star’s action, Kim Ji Won expressed that she was worried she’d burst into laughter as they kissed, saying: “I think I will laugh when he looks back.” 

My Liberation Notes

However, the moment the camera started to roll, both suddenly changed their eyes and immediately immersed themselves into their character. The scene started with Son Seok Koo approaching Kim Ji Won, who was wrapping her arms around her body as if it were cold. 

My Liberation Notes

Then, the atmosphere between them started to get heated, and they slowly made eye contact while kissing each other on the lips.  This kiss scene in the middle of a reed field appeared very briefly on an episode of “My Liberation Notes” that aired on May 14th, which frustrated a lot of viewers. According to them, most of the kissing scenes between the two were only shown in full and large shots, and moved on too quickly to the next scenes. 

My Liberation Notes

As a result, the audience enthusiastically rejoiced at the new behind video, which showed the kiss in greater detail. 

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