Kwon Mina reveals her current whereabouts after 2 months, introducing a new family member 

Former AOA’s Kwon Mina shared her recent status after 2 months.

On June 21st, Kwon Mina updated her Instagram with new pictures of her puppy named “Ttuni”. Mina’s tiny pet dog, with its brown fur, flaunted its overflowing cuteness. Kwon Mina introduced her new family member, saying, “This Golden Doodle was born 3 months ago and has been with me for over 2 weeks.”

Previously, in April, Kwon Mina got the puppy and delivered a message, saying, “I’m doing well and happily.” Fans are delighted to see her current situation, which was revealed for the first time in two months.

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina revealed in July 2020 that she was being bullied by Jimin when she was promoting with AOA. After that, Jimin left the group and withdrew from the entertainment industry. 

Source: Nate

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