MBC bans LIONESSES’ “It’s OK to be me” for containing “homosexuality”

The group decided to keep the original content of the song despite suggestions of change by MBC. 

Recently, the newly released song “It’s OK to be me” by LIONESSES, Korea’s first LGBTQ+ group, was banned from broadcast on MBC with a concise enclosed message: “Banned from broadcasting: Homosexuality.” 

In the announcement to fans, LIONESSES affirmed that: “If the review result of ‘It’s OK to be me’ is due to the message of the song, ‘Let us affirm ourselves,’ or if the reason is singers are gay, unfortunately, we will not be able to produce music that complies with MBC’s review regulations.” 


LIONESSES also declared they would not review nor change the content of the song according to the suggestions by the broadcast. 

LIONESSES is a four-member male group that debuted in 2021 with the song “Show Me Your Pride” about coming out, facing homophobia, hatred and life. 

Source: FB

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