Red Velvet’s stylist once again criticized for dressing the members badly

Red Velvet recently had a great show in Indonesia but their outfits were a mess. 

Recently, Red Velvet attracted attention with their performance at the Allobank Festival in Indonesia. The SM girl group left a strong impression on the audience there thanks to their captivating performance and outstanding visuals.

red velvet
Red Velvet at a recent event.

The members’ outfits, on the other hand, disappointed fans. The five members were dressed in unmatching styles. While Joy, Yeri, and Wendy all wore the same color, Irene and Seulgi were dressed in entirely different colors. 

Red Velvet’s stylist also chose the items and accessories that were not suitable for the members. The yellow bow made Irene’s outfit look weird, while Yeri’s outfit was unflattering as it drew attention to her broader upper body. This is not the first time Red Velvet’s coordi made this kind of mistake. 

red velvet yeri irene
Red Velvet’s outfit caused controversy again
red velvet yeri irene joy
The girls’ outfits did not go well together
red velvet seulgi
Seulgi wore a purple dress which looks different from the other members’ outfits
red velvet irene
Irene’s outfit looks weird
red velvet joy wendy irene
Joy is the member with the best body in the group but the yellow dress also made her look less attractive

However, the girls’ outstanding visuals saved their clothes. In addition to the main visual, Irene, the other members including Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri all amazed the audience because they looked so beautiful in every moment.

red velvet
The visuals of the 5 girls did not disappoint fans

Some comments from netizens:

  • Their clothes look so rustic!
  • What kind of dress are they wearing?
  • Their outfits didn’t go well with each other.
  • Their visuals are a savior to their disastrous outfits.

In fact, this is not the first time Red Velvet appeared on stages with bad outfits. Despite coming from one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea, SM Entertainment and operating for more than 7 years, there are not many times that the audience was satisfied with Red Velvet’s stage outfits. The girls have many times been given unfashionable and weird outfits that hide their top-notch beauty and excellent body figures.

red velvet
Red Velvet with their weird color outfits.
red velvet
Many people think that Red Velvet looks like they are a high school dance group. 

Looking back from the past, fans are fed up with Red Velvet’s disaster outfits. Flamboyant, cumbersome, cheesy are words that are mostly used to describe Red Velvet’s outfits.

red velvet
They look like a low-budget rookie girl group in these rainbow color outfits
red velvet
red velvet
These kinds of outfits are not at all related to their song or concept 

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