Red Velvet Joy “Once Upon a Small Town, the work to which I dedicated my 27-year-old summer”

Singer-actress Park Soo-young (Joy) of “Once Upon a Small Town” blows confetti into the small screen with her unique loveliness.

On Sep 5th, the online press conference of Kakao TV’s original drama “Once Upon a Small Town” was held. Actors Park Soo-young, Choo Young-woo, Baek Seong-cheol and director Kwon Seok-jang attended the event to talk about the work.


“Once Upon a Small Town” is a romantic comedy depicting Seoul veterinarian Han Ji-yul (Choo Young-woo) unexpectedly being thrown into a rural village and meeting local police officer Ahn Ja-young (Park Soo-young). Director Kwon Seok-jang, who caused a romantic comedy syndrome with the drama “Pasta”, grabbed the megaphone of “Once Upon a Small Town”.

It heralded refreshing romance and pollution-free healing through the countryside’s various episodes against the backdrop of the lush green Heedong village. The work is based on a popular web novel. It differentiated itself from other dramas by presenting attractive characters in warm rural life.

In addition, as it is set in a rural area, beautiful colors were completed with various animals and nature. It is rumored that the production team put special effort into selecting locations for the tone and mood of the drama.

Park Soo-young, who captivated fans by blowing confetti on stage, completely transformed into police officer Ahn Ja-young, the lovely town insider of Heedong village. She is equipped with pure charm for the role of Ja-young, a human civil affairs center at the center of large and small incidents who runs around Heedong village so much that 24 hours is not enough. In addition, Choo Young-woo and Baek Seong-cheol were named as the male protagonists who will portray youth romance alongside Park Soo-young.

Regarding the lineup of exceptionally young and fresh stars, director Kwon Seok-jang said, “I had a prejudice against idols, but I was very surprised to see Park Soo-young’s performance. I got the impression that it was a ‘pleasant surprise’. Choo Young-woo seemed distracted at first, but he found his place on his own. Baek Seong-cheol made the character three-dimensional with a depth that doesn’t match his age.”


Park Soo-young, who took the lead role, expressed great affection for the work and introduced, “I still can’t feel that the filming is over. ‘Once Upon a Small Town’ is a pretty work made with the souls of the director, many staff members and actors, including myself, enough to say that I dedicated my 27-year-old summer.” In particular, she added, “The working environment was very good because there were many handsome actors. I tried not to look older than them.”

Meanwhile, “Once Upon a Small Town” will be pre-released on Kakao TV on the same day.

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