Son Ye-jin Describes Son’s Appearance, “He Resembles Me More Than Hyun Bin”

Actress Son Ye-jin talked about her happy married life

On September 27th, professional golfer Lim Jin-han’s YouTube channel “Lim Jin-han’s Class” uploaded a new video titled “She is as happy as she can be. Our round is filled with happiness”.

When asked, “Is raising a baby difficult?”, Son Ye-jin smiled brightly and said, “Of course, it’s very challenging to raise a child but the joy that the baby brings is something I have never experienced in my life”. Regarding the question “Do you want to have a second baby?”, the actress shared, “That’s another matter. I just love my child”.

Son Ye-jin

Son Ye-jin then confessed, “I’ve been working as an actress for almost twenty years. My life now revolves around my child and my home. I’m as happy as I can be now. As with every other mom in the world, I feel pressured to raise my child well and become a good mom and wife. I sometimes feel like I’m spending all my energy doing that. Regardless, I’m in a happy place now”. The actress also revealed her plans for future activities. She said, “I’ve been working vigorously for many years. Now that I’m married and had a baby, so I need to focus on my family. If I encounter a good script, I will definitely come back”.

Son Ye-jin

Knowing fans are curious about her baby’s appearance, Son Ye-jin shared, “We were told that he resembles both of us. They say from his eyes up, he resembles me. He got the rest from Hyun Bin. But the baby’s face will keep changing. At this moment, he resembles me more, which I’m happy about”.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married Hyun Bin in March last year and gave birth to their son in November.

Source: Nate

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