Lee Kwang Soo can’t get rid of his Running Man “habits” despite going on a new show

Leaving Running Man, both Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Gary also are “stuck” with their habits on Running Man when appearing in new reality shows.

Recently, Lee Kwang Soo became a guest on the show “House On Wheels” to promote The Pirates 2: Goblin Flag – the new movie he stars in. This is probably the first reality show with the appearance of the “Giraffe” after his departure from Running Man. Watching the show, the viewers find it both hilarious and emotional when they see Lee Kwang Soo going back and forth because of his habits after 11 years of being a member of Running Man.


Specifically, after unloading their luggage, the cast sat comfortably resting. Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo couldn’t sit still, constantly telling people to continue checking around the house. Seeing him walking back and forth, Kang Ha Neul and Han Hyo Joo laughed and told him to sit down and take it easy like everyone else. Lee Kwang Soo admitted, “Because I haven’t sat still for 11 years. Even now I’m being forced to rest.”


Additionally, while going shopping with everyone to prepare lunch, unlike Han Hyo Joo and Kang Ha Neul who calmly picked up stuff, Lee Kwang Soo kept running around the supermarket. He couldn’t stop looking around to find necessary items.

Not as chill as everyone else, Lee Kwang Soo kept going back and forth to find bread

Han Hyo Joo then told him, “This is not a quick search mission in Running Man, Kwang Soo-ah.” Lee Kwang Soo responded, “Yeah, but I’m used to this. I think I’ll get first place if I find bread quickly.”

Not only Kwang Soo, Kang Gary also keeps this kind of habit after many years of filming Running Man. In an episode of The Return Of Superman, Gary only needed 3 minutes to complete the task instead of the 15 minutes allowed. All thanks to the experience of being on Running Man for 7 years.

Even Kang Gary can’t get rid of the ‘Running Man’ speed when he was on a new reality show
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