Ranking of Popular K-Pop Female Idols in Japan: Sakura Takes the Top Spot, 2nd Place Sparks Interest

Who is the most popular K-pop female idol among Japanese fans? The top spot goes to Miyawaki Sakura of LE SSERAFIM

The Korean wave media outlet “Danmee” in Japan recently revealed the results of a survey on the “Most Popular K-pop Female Idols for August” conducted from August 17th to 24th.

Among the rankings, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was 10th, TWICE’s Momo was 9th, aespa’s Karina was 8th, TWICE’s Tzuyu was 7th, ITZY’s Ryujin and NewJeans’s Hae Rin shared 5th place, LE SSERAFIM secured 4th place. What caught people’s attention was that TWICE’s Japanese member Sana took the 3rd place.

Next, the 2nd place winner was Kep1er’s Mashiro, who received a total of 23.71% support.

The honorable 1st place was claimed by LE SSERAFIM’s Miyawaki Sakura with an overwhelming 39.71% of the total votes. Regarding Sakura, Danmee mentioned, “Her beautiful visual and cute dance performances, as well as her personal interactions with fans, are some of Miyawaki’s charms.” They also noted that she engages in fan service during performances, delighting her fans. In fact, respondents left comments such as “A beautiful and hardworking, top-tier idol” to describe her.

Source: mydaily

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