“Singer and Producer”, PSY may be struggling to strike a balance between his two roles 

PSY, who established his own agency P Nation in 2018, is facing issues with his role as producer

In 2018, PSY, who has established his name as a singer via various hits like “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”, founded his own agency, P Nation, and raised expectations for his producing venture. Now that his company has been up and working for the past 5 years, it can be concluded that PSY succeeded as a singer, but not so much in his other role.

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Back when P Nation was first established, it easily gained public attention because of PSY’s name. Moreover, as Jessi joined as the first artist, P Nation started to acquire many other notable talents, such as Hyuna, Dawn, Crush, and Heize, showing a unique direction and strong prospects. 

Before P Nation, Jessi had already imprinted her image of a “strong sister” on the public, and herself, Hyuna, and Dawn, all showed strong synergy with P Nation. In the case of Hyuna, the female soloist has already enjoyed considerable popularity since she debuted with 4Minute, and later through her solo career and as a part of Troublemaker and Triple.H. However, she also clearly showed her personal beliefs through her departure from former agency Cube Entertainment over the issue of dating Dawn. And in the case of Crush and Heize, they are both singers that cannot be left out when it comes to individuality.

In this way, P Nation created synergy via recruiting singers with strong personalities, leading to good results. PSY’s strategy of actively using SNS also played an important role in creating the “challenge” craze. In addition, as a singer, Psy also achieved great successes, with his 9th album “PSY 9th” and title song “That That” occupying the top spot on music sites for a long time.

Looking at the performance of P Nation artists in the beginning, PSY seemed to be balancing well. However, as Jessi, who has been the biggest driving force in maintaining P Nation so far, as well as Hyuna and Dawn, have left the agency one after another, this facade started to crack.


In addition, the boy group TNX, which was ambitiously planned through the SBS survival program “Loud”, failed to live up to the name of “Psy’s first idol group”. Meanwhile, rapper D.Ark, who received attention through “High School Rapper” and “Show Me the Money”, seems to have been “cut off” by the agency following a controversy over his private life. 

Except for TNX, which was planned by PSY, other artists under the company chose to join P Nation because they thought that PSY’s experience as a singer would have some impact on them. In other words, they hoped that they’d learn PSY’s secret to success, and expected that since PSY is also a singer, he’d understand the artists’ positions better than anyone else.


However, it is a fatal blow to P Nation that the industry openly talks about the departure of its artists, and PSY must also be aware of this situation. Not long ago, at a meeting for a new album release, he shared that he inherited the ability to grasp situations quickly from his parents, and thus has the sense to see the current tides better than anyone else.

All in all, P Nation relies heavily on the names of its CEO and artists. However, as with any other agency, the popularity gained by simple fame is easily destroyed. In addition, rebuilding this popularity will probably be an arduous process. It is time for PSY to perform “basic construction” as the CEO of an agency.

Source: daum

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