The truth behind empty seats at BLACKPINK’s concert in Dallas 

Through photos of BLACKPINK’s concert in Dallas, many people noticed that there are rows of empty seats at the venue

On October 26th (Korean time), BLACKPINK successfully finished the 3rd night of their “BORN PINK” world tour with a performance in Dallas, the US. Here, the girl group pulled out their full energy for hours and delivered stunning stages. However, through photos of the venue, many people noticed rows of empty seats. 

BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Many people noticed rows of empty seats at BLACKPINK’s concert in Dallas

In particular, a fancam of Lisa’s solo recently went viral on SNS, and at the corner of the eyes, several rows of empty seats can be seen. This poses the question, how come a group as famous as BLACKPINK cannot sell out their concert venue?

BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Lisa “burned the stage” with her performance of “MONEY”
BLACKPINK concert Dallas
However, people are concerned about the empty seats in her fancams.

Against these concerns, however, there’s no such thing as BLACKPINK not selling out their concert or audiences leaving midway. Instead, the seats were left empty on purpose due to the stage design. In particular, as the venue is circular, seats too adjacent to the LED screens and behind the stage will have limited visions, and so they are not open for buying. Moreover, in all ticket selling sites of BLACKPINK’s concert, their Dallas stop is listed as “SOLD OUT”.

BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Seats with limited vision are left empty on purpose 
BLACKPINK concert Dallas
In all ticket selling sites of BLACKPINK’s concert, their Dallas stop is listed as “SOLD OUT”.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK’s Dallas concert has been the talk of town. The girl group truly did not disappoint with explosive performances that’s perfectly designed from sound to lighting.

BLACKPINK concert Dallas
BLACKPINK’s concert attracted a lot of audiences 
BLACKPINK concert Dallas
BLACKPINK pulled out their full energy for the concert

In addition to their iconic stages and insane energy, BLACKPINK also freely interacted with fans and engaged their audience into the concert night. This makes for a truly phenomenal experience.

Jennie also encouraged fans to put down their phones, saying, “It will be great if we can also see your faces instead of your cell phones, since we came all the way here to meet you guys.”

Lisa BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Lisa never disappoint with her stage presence 
Rose BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Rosé “robbed” the heart of audiences with her gorgeous visual 
Jennie BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Jennie embraced a bold style with her outfit at the Dallas stop 
Jisoo BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Jisoo light up the venue with her energy and bright demeanor 
BLACKPINK concert Dallas
Rosé and Jisoo took cuteness to the next level as they sent hearts towards fans 

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