Gummy “I haven’t met Park Boyoung yet, husband Jo Jung Suk is filming so…”

Gummy mentioned Park Boyoung and her husband Jo Jung Suk during her recent radio guest appearance. 


Singer Gummy appeared on MBC FM4U’s radio show “Hope Song at Noon”, which was broadcast on October 27th.

Park Bo Young

On this day, Gummy’s relationship with actress Park Boyoung was brought up. Park Boyoung revealed her diary on tvN’s talk show “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, which she recently appeared in, in which she wrote, “I sent a text message to (Jo) Jung Suk oppa and also talked to unnie on the phone. I’ll see you next time and have dinner, unnie,” referring to Gummy. 

DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “Have you ever met up with Park Boyoung?”, and Gummy said, “I haven’t had a meal with her yet. My husband is (busy) filming so…” 

jo jung suk gummy

At the time, Park Boyoung said that she was impressed by how Gummy did a 4-hour concert. Kim Shinyoung also admired Gummy, saying, “The number of songs to fill in 4 hours (must be a lot).”

Gummy showed a humble response, saying, “It’s the end of the year, so I sang carols too.”

When asked about her reaction to her last concert, Gummy said, “People like high-pitched songs that make their blood boil. They like high-pitched songs among the songs I covered on TV,” while laughing.

Meanwhile, Gummy will hold a national tour concert called ‘BE ORIGIN’ to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut, starting in Goyang on November 6th.

Source: Daum

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