Victoria’s response to Sulli? “Every thing has its own way”

f (x) Leader Victoria has uploaded a post full of meanings, drawing a lot of attention.

Victoria posted on her Weibo on the 25th, after the former member Sulli of f(x) appeared on a reality program called “Truth Shop”, attracting the attention of fans.

Victoria said, “Everyone will have their own way if they want one”. “Do not regret it, do not look back at the old footsteps. I am fine,” she added.

Fans have speculated that this post was an answer to Sulli’s confession on “Truth Shop” about leaving the group. Sulli said, “I thought I wasn’t cut out for it,“, “It was almost like a self-protection, because I could not see the future. It was hard for me and I didn’t even have anyone to confide in. It felt like being left alone in the world,”. It could have been that Victoria wrote her post after watching this show on TV and hearing what Sulli said.

On another note, Sulli debuted in 2009 with other f(x) members, but then she left the group in 2015. f(x) is now a four-member group. Victoria, the leader of the girlgroup, set up a workshop in China in 2015 and now is focusing on local activities.

Sources: Nate

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